Below you’ll find answers to some of our most common questions in regards to our P.A.S.S seminars.


What is PASS?

Personal Awareness and Situational Safety is a unique approach to self defense for women, men and children. While most self defense programs teach techniques for physical confrontation, they either ignore or gloss over the critical, and complicated, areas of awareness and prevention. A typical self defense program will tell you to be aware of your surroundings, we will teach you HOW to do that, and better yet, we’ll teach you how to interpret what you become aware of so that you can respond appropriately, thus decreasing the chances of a physical confrontation. We’ll also raise your awareness of how your own actions and behavior affects potentially violent situations.

What will I learn in a PASS class?

PASS was created specifically to fill a void that exists within many self defense programs – violence identification and avoidance. Our belief is that physical confrontation whould be a last resort. We teach our students how to identify precursors to violent behavior, how to recognize red flags for manipulation or ‘grooming’ of potential victims, awareness of their own role in violent encounters, and much more.

Class participants can expect to learn about the psychological aspects of violence as well as physical techniques that are easy to learn & remember, and most importantly can be used successfully by a non-martial artist with just a little practice!

Isn't Martial Arts the same as Self Defense?

The short answer is no. The longer answer is that many martial arts schools today are sport-oriented. They provide an excellent workout, great competition, and numerous other benefits. What they lack is often effectiveness. Is it possible to do a flying side kick and disable your attacker? Sure. Is it likely? Not so much. There are schools that teach street-applicable techniques, but they are not in the majority.

Additionally, most martial arts schools do not teach the complexities of self defense legalities, the psychological aspects of self defense nor the very difficult topic of protecting yourself from an attacker who happens to also be a trusted individual – parent, coach, girl/boy friend, sibling, etc.


Is PASS available as a regular class? Is it only open to mixed groups?

PASS is not currently taught as an ongoing class. It is available in several formats ranging from a single 3-4 hr seminar to multi-week courses. The length of the program would determine the scope and depth of topics. The program can also be tailored to specific groups. For example home health aids have a different need than a group of female high school seniors heading to college, which differs from the needs of their male peers.

PASS programs can be open, mixed age/gender or specific for one group.

Class Schedule

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