What is in a name?

There are many methods of selecting a business name. Some people use their own name, or a

combination of the names of the partners.  Some will name their business after their street or city.

Others will pick something seemingly random as a name. You’ll frequently see martial arts schools

named using the school owner’s name and the style – like Joe’s Tae Kwon Do.  Whatever method is

used, there is generally a reason behind the selection.

As I contemplated naming my school, I wanted something that would speak to people and hopefully

convey a deeper, broader meaning than my name, location or a style could provide.  I made a list of

things I wanted people to get out of classes taken at my school.  My school is open to adults only; I don’t

teach children. While there are a tremendous number of benefits for kids taking martial arts, I wanted

adults to feel those same benefits, and recognize some that are a little different.  The most important

thing I wanted was people to feel good about themselves. To me, training is about more than learning

how to kick and punch. Training is about learning a new way to view yourself and the world around you;

it’s about opening yourself to new experiences and successes. Training should better the individual and

the group, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well.

Just because we grow up, doesn’t mean we can’t benefit from the abundance of positive influences that

martial arts training has to offer. I did not start martial arts training as a child or even a young adult. I

was a 30-something, with two young kids when I started.  I had a lot of challenges when I started,

several were “real” but most were self-imposed.  As I continued on my martial arts journey, I learned a

lot about myself.  I learned to step out of the comfort zone I had grown into as an adult, and tackle new

challenges.  I learned how to be successful, generally after lots of failures.  I learned to feel good about

myself; it was a feeling I hadn’t had in a long time.  THAT is what I wanted to help people find by taking

classes at my school.

That brings me back to the name. Merriam Webster defines ‘vitality’ as “the power or ability of

something to continue to live, be successful, etc.”  As such, I think it fit with the idea that I wanted to my

school to convey to people.  When I added Qi Gong to my class offerings, I was fortunate enough that

the name still applied and even add more depth to the name!

So, now you know how and why the name “Vitality Martial Arts and Qi Gong” came into existence.  I

hope that sometime soon you’ll check out a class and decide to stay so you can cultivate your own